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 Forum Rules Update

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PostSubject: Forum Rules Update   Forum Rules Update EmptyThu Dec 03, 2009 6:06 pm


Hi there, and welcome to DubDrift, the place for electric powered remote control hobbyists, geared towards promoting Dubai RC Drifting and Touring.

The group has steadily grown composed of members from different fields, students to professionals, young and younger, so please make sure you take a moment to read the rules BEFORE you start posting.

Please note that DubDrift is open to all nationalities so your post would have to be in english or else it will be deleted. Chatbox is the only place where tagalog is allowed.

Ignoring the rules will get you warned. Repeatedly doing so will get you banned.

Flaming is a mean-spirited cheap shot at another member or a member's post. Personal attacks on someone just because of a disagreement with their point of view will not be tolerated.

Responding to a Flame is JUST as bad as having flamed someone yourself. If someone comes into a thread and posts comments that you deem "flaming" then report them.

Each person is just as entitled to their opinion as you are your own. So, after posting your opinion, they are just as entitled to post their own. Try not to take it personally and don't respond to them to contradict them or to further explain your ideas. If you need to clarify your argument, then edit your initial post to provide more information. Don't waste forum space by repeating yourself. You aren't going to change anyone's mind. Just let it go.

And for those who have an opposite opinion to the one initially posted, don't direct your comments AT the original poster. Just post your opinion, without referring to the original post or poster, and let it stand on its own merit.

It is unacceptable to judge, condemn, or otherwise villify or make fun of anyone that is not like you. If you can't make a point without degrading someone else, you are not welcome here. All posters must refrain from making comments that could ordinarily be construed as sexist, homophobic, ethnocentric, racist, or significantly demeaning any individual or group on the basis of disability, age, political inclinations or religion. What is construed as demeaning or hateful is up to the ultimate discretion of the moderators.

Please do not start more than one topic (in the same OR different forums) with the same question or message. Read the forum descriptions and pick the most appropriate forum, and start your topic there ONLY. Starting multiple topics with the same question or message is confusing, splits up the discussion / answers and makes a moderator's job harder. Please resist all temptation to cross post. Moderators will lock, merge or delete duplicate threads as soon as they see them anyway.

To avoid multiple posts on the same topic, either do a search or look beyond the first page of posts. Posts that are discussing the same subject may be closed or merged and will be marked as merged. Please note that some merged topics may have a changed title to reflect the topic better.

Spam can be described as this: the posting of advertisements, abusive, or unneeded messages on forums. You may think it only applies to junk mail or ads, but it also applies to the unnecessary posts that don't contribute any useful information to a topic. Moderators can (and do) delete any topics or posts that are considered spam.

Posting just to raise your post count will not be tolerated in any form. Your post count is just a number, NOT a status symbol. If you think you will get more respect having more posts, you are mistaken. If an Admin or Moderator deems you are abusing your account in this manner, your post count can be zeroed. Other such activity includes, but is not limited to: posting messages back to back that could have been easily in 1 post or when you have innocuous conversations back and forth with minimal post material or content or even minimal word content for that matter. Please use the Private Message (PM) system for such conversations.

A troll is a person who enters an established forum and intentionally tries to cause disruption, most often in the form of posting inflammatory, off-topic, or otherwise inappropriate messages. No posts obviously designed to attract flames or otherwise incite other posters to react negatively and aggressively will be tolerated.

Absolutely no profanity or explicit sexual references are allowed on this board. All content must be PG-13. In addition, do not post links to adult content on other sites. Avatars which show explicit content are not allowed. The staff have the right to edit avatars.

Not everyone wants to read foul or off-color language, and those who do not should not have to be subjected to it. This includes attempts to circumvent the word censor or any other form of word ma5k1ng.

We do not allow double aliases or "sock puppets" on this board. Please, only one account per user. If you wish to modify your display name, contact the administrator by PM. A display name change will be granted/denied on a case by case basis. Users caught with multiple accounts may be suspended or banned.

Leave the moderating to the actual Moderators. DO NOT attempt to "put another poster in his/her place." Even if you're in the right, we prefer instead that you use the Report Post link if you feel that someone is breaking the board rules or if something needs the attention of a Moderator.

If your post was edited by a Moderator, DO NOT re-edit out the moderator's changes. If your topic is moved, merged or deleted, DO NOT re-post it in the same or another (sub)forum.

If you have any questions about the way the board is run or feel the need to argue a moderator's decision or a board rule or policy, please PM the moderator instead of addressing it on the message board.

TALKING IN ALL CAPS online indicates that you are shouting. It's a very aggressive way to post and it doesn't come off as being very friendly. Moderators, at their discretion, can edit or delete any topics or posts that use ALL CAPS. Large fonts should be used for emphasis only. Please do not use large fonts to write an entire post.

Bumping a thread means to post an innocuous reply to a thread in order to “bump” or “up” it to the top of the thread listing. Excessive bumping will not be tolerated.
Excessively large quotes may be removed by a moderator. If you are responding to a specific portion of someone else's post, please edit the quote to include only that particular portion.

No thread-lowballing. If you think someones price is unreasonable or you want to make a lower offer, PM or e-mail them. There is nothing worse than if you are trying to sell something and someone says that price is too high. That scares off other prospective buyers.

You MUST post a price in for ALL FS (For Sale) deals. All prices should be reasonable and non-profit. Update your thread when something gets sold or is no longer available. You cannot sell something you do not have in your immediate possession. If you are selling something, you must provide pictures of it to show the condition and demonstrate it is in your possession. Sellers and buyers are solely responsible for all aspects of any transaction.

Absolutely no jokes in the Marketplace forum. Transactions are serious and people will get irritated by jokes involving monetary loss. If your post does not conform to these rules, DubDrift Administrators and Moderators reserve the rights to delete any and all of your listings.

The Private Messaging (PM) system is used by members of this forum to send a communication between two people. This feature gets activated after you have atleast five posts. These messages are by nature and name, Private. They are not to be published in the forum without the consent of all parties involved.

PM's sent by a moderator are not to be published under any circumstances. If a moderator wishes to make their thoughts known to the forum, they have ways of doing so. If someone sends you a PM that violates the Forum Rules or in any way makes you feel uncomfortable, please notify a moderator immediately. Anyone found posting PM's will be warned and/or suspended. Anyone found posting PM's from an administrator or moderator will be suspended.

Most importantly remember that this is a hobby that alot of us spend our free time with because we enjoy it so much. Please don't ruin our enjoyment. Have fun!

DubDrift Administrators / Moderators
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Forum Rules Update
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