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 Used Bajas

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Used Bajas Empty
PostSubject: Used Bajas   Used Bajas EmptyMon Feb 01, 2010 11:34 pm

hello to all

For those of you who are interested in getting into Gasoline offroad RC and want something decent to play with, you can now join the fun as a freind of mine has a bunch of used Baja's for sale for around AED2500+, as most of you saw on the Day of the DC, BAJA'S ARE LOUD hehehe and they destroy most of the ground beneath them heheh just joking

advantages of gasoline over nitro:

cheaper to run over long pereods
cheaper to fuel>>>nitro = 120AE>>>gasoline = 7-8AED for 5 Litres
tougher compared to feebile and weak nitro
can be silenced using aftermarket silencers
parts ar easier to find compared to nitro
breaks less
less time in a garage and more time in the dirt
easy to clean (blow it off with an aircompressor and your done)
can be stored for long pereods of time without any problems
just remember to store it with an empty tank

heres a few videos of my very own pride and joy being bashed to hell and still coming out noo problems:

and an all out track bash by vinesh

Open to all Pm's
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Used Bajas
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